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Terms & Conditions


Advanced booking

It’s almost certain that you’ll want to make a provisional (advance) booking for next year. You can take an option on a mobile home in the campsite, by phone or via e-mail. After we receive your payment your booking will be definitely confirmed.


Allocation of the mobile home

Mobile homes are rented in accordance with the agreements made between Adriatic Kamp and the camp sites. Allocation is in the hands of the camp site and not of Adriatic Kamp. This said, any advance requests from clients will be taken seriously and passed on to the camp site. Sometimes it will be possible to choose your specific mobile home yourself on the spot. However, this does not mean that a reservation has been made.


Arrival and departure times

The voucher which you will receive with your travel documents indicates the time you may arrive, and the time you must leave the camp site. Check out is usually between 8 am and 10 am.

Have you booked accommodation? If so, we draw your attention to the fact that your accommodation will be made ready for you after the previous guests have left (for example cleaning and checking). We therefore advise guests with reserved accommodation to check-in between 16:00 and 20:00 to avoid having to wait. Please take into account that some camp sites observe an afternoon resting period (often between 1 pm and 3 pm). You cannot check in or out at this time.

Will you be arriving after 20:00? If so you must let the camp site know in plenty of time. The camp site’s phone number is mentioned on the voucher. We cannot give refunds if you arrive one or more days late, or leave earlier than expected.

At more and more camp sites Adriatic Kamp is placing its own mobile. There is often a courier (caretaker person) at these camp sites who make sure you will have an unforgettable time. You can usually check in and out with the courier.



Barbecues are allowed on many camp sites. Where it is stated that a barbecue is supplied, it may not actually be in your accommodation. Frequently centrally placed barbecues are provided and these are shared by other guests. This is particularly common on sites with a high fire risk.



Naturally private beaches belonging to a camp site are free for guests. Charges are often made for sun loungers and parasols. Public beaches are always free.


Bed linen, blankets and pillows

Blankets and pillows are provided in all rental accommodation. You should bring your own bed linen. On some camp sites bed linen can be hired (€ 15 for double bed, € 10 for single bed).Please book your bed linen in advance if it’s needed.



When the mobile home of your choice is no longer available, you can send us the inquiry through the booking system. After checking availability (it usually takes about one working days), Adriatic Kamp will advise if we have available mobile home.


Border formalities

A valid passport is required for Croatia. If you have a non-EU passport you are advised to check whether or not a visa is required.


Building work/garbage collection

Bigger swimming pools, better facilties, a greater choice of shops and restaurants. Camp site owners always try to arrange repairs, refurbishment and other improvements out of season. Unfortunately this is not always possible, and you might occasionally experience building work. Adriatic Kamp cannot be held responsible for any building work.

In order to prevent nuisance at the camp site during the busiest hours, garbage is often collected in the morning. This, however, may result in some noise.


Camping Rules

Each campsite has its own rules and regulations which all residents must abide by during their stay. The rules and regulations are controlled by the campsite themselves and as such Adriatic Kamp can not be hold responsible for them.


Cancelling your holiday

If you have to cancel your holiday, cancellation charges will be levied to cover reservation charges, cancellation insurance and other charges mandatory in your country. In accordance with the Booking Conditions these will be as follows:

  • up till 42 days prior to your arrival date: 30% of the total holiday cost
  • from the 42nd day (inclusive) to the 28th day prior to arrival date: 60% of the total holday cost
  • from the 28th day (inclusive) to day of arrival: 90% of the total holday cost
  • on the day of arrival or later: the total holiday cost


Please note that cancellation requests must be made in writing to either  the registered e-mail address , or via phone +385 52 351 886.

Reservations will not be considered cancelled until the request has been formally acknowledged by Adriatic Kamp by phone or email. Any cancellation charges due, in accordance with the above, will be notified to you at this time.


Cleaning costs

We will charge you € 30 for final cleaning and it is obligatory. Final cleaning will be charged in advance with accommodation. Please bear in mind that if you are not responsible for final cleaning you should still leave the accommodation neat and tidy.


Conditions of payment

The following Booking Conditions apply:

100% of the total amount will be charged in advance. Payments is possible to the bank account or with a credit card. (Visa, Mastercard)



Energy costs

Gas, water and electricity are always included in the rental. Air condition is also included in the total amount of accommodation.


Entertainment programme

Entertainment programmes are organized on many camp sites. For example: discos, cabaret, bingo, sport, films etc. Many of these activities depend on the interest shown by the camp guests and this decision is made by the camp site staff. Entertainment is usually offered only in the high season and in the language spoken in the specific country.



Rented accommodation is generally fully equipped. Bear in mind that the equipment provided reflects local customs and way of life. You would be well advised to bring with you anything you can’t live without, and which may not be locally available.


Information on this website

Producing a website is a complex operation that requires a huge amount of preparation. There’s always a chance that things will change, and Adriatic Kamp will always endeavour to keep you informed of these changes. It may occasionally happen that Adriatic Kamp has not been informed (on time) of any changes. For this reason Adriatic Kamp cannot be held responsible for these changes. We do, however, encourage you to check our newsletter regularly for up-to-date information on any changes. Photographs are a good source of information on this website. They give you a good impression of what you can expect. It can happen that what you see on a photo is not exactly what your accommodation will look like, especially when there are many different versions in the same category. Unfortunately, we can’t always anticipate this.



It is possible that you will experience hindrance from insects (ants and mosquitoes, among others), especially in surroundings with many trees and/ or water. We therefore advise guests to store food in closed containers, and to keep windows and doors properly shut. Usually good products can be bought in local supermarkets to keep the hindrance to a minimum.



Adriatic Kamp is not liable for loss or theft (including of money), damage to property and harm or injury to its clients, through whichever cause.

During your stay you are liable for damage done to the holiday accommodation, the furnishings and all other objects belonging to the rented object which resulted from actions done by you and/ or your fellow traveller.


Number of stars

Various camp sites are categorised with stars. Generally one can say that a camp site with many stars offers more amenities than a camp site with fewer or no stars. It is important, however, to realise that the star qualification is awarded at a national and sometimes a regional level. This means there is no standardisation. It is important to know that Adriatic Kamp has no influence over how (or how many) stars are awarded.


Other countries, other customers

Make an adventure of your holiday! Everyday life and culture in many countries is so different to your lifestyle ‘back home’. It’s great to experience, but it makes sense to prepare yourself. If not, you may be in for a few surprises. Find out something about the country you will be visiting before you leave; it will make your stay there so much more enjoyable. If, despite all your endeavours, things don’t go according to plan, we advise you to take this up with the camp site management in a friendly yet business-like way. Remember, your holiday should be relaxing! You are supposed to respect the camp site regulations!



In Adriatic Kamp accommodation : Pets are not allowed!



You can book your Adriatic Kamp mobile home:

via this website

by phone +385 52 351 886

by e-mail –

Prices and conditions are exactly the same whichever way you choose. You will receive a written confirmation.



How to make a booking?

Select your camp site by using “Search and book” at top of the page.

Step 1 – Insert all relevant data

Step 2 – Choose accomodation

Step 3 – Fill in your personal data including any possible preferences. Choose type of payment:

Bank Payment or Credit Card

Step 4 :

For credit card payments – your web browser will open link for credit card payment. Once you make a payment you will receive a confirmation to your e-mail account with link for voucher and invoice download.

For bank account payments – you will receive e-mail with payment details. We will keep your booking under option for 2 days! In case we don’t receive your payment we will cancel this option.

*There is a possibility that the confirmation e-mail may end up in your spam folder because your mail program does not recognise the sender. Check this folder to be certain.

Booking by internet is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Not happy using the website? Don not worry. You can also book by phone. Our reservation staff is standing by to process your reservation.

Choose the campsite and mobile home. We will need your name and address, but we advise you to have the following details to hand:

  • date of birth, initials and surname of all members of the group
  • a contact telephone number
  • your e-mail address

We will send you e-mail confirmation with payments data for bank payment or link for credit cart payment. After we receive your payment your booking will be confirmed and you will receive your voucher and invoice.

Telephone reservations can be made Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 hours.

Our phone number is  +385 52 351 886


Retainer deposits

You will be asked for a deposit which must be paid on arrival (€ 100,00 – payable in Kuna). Provided you leave the accommodation clean and undamaged the camp site will refund the deposit. If you leave the accommodation in a mess the camp site reserves the right to deduct the associated costs from your deposit


Special requests

If you have special requests, for example a shady pitch, you can always make this known. It’s important to realise that Adriatic Kamp may not always be able to meet your requirements. Adriatic Kamp has binding agreements with its selected camp sites regarding special requests. Despite this, many decisions are made at local level. As a general rule, if you book early there is more chance that your special requests can be met than if you book ‘last-minute’.


Swimming pools

Nearly all the camp sites on this website have a swimming pool. Opening dates and times and temperature of the water are fixed by the camp site. In general swimming pools are open from mid May to mid September. Weather conditions may influence this. Adriatic Kamp has no influence over these rules.


Tourist tax

Tourist tax is charged in each campsite at the main reception. It is also possible that an environmental tax is payable. The rate is fixed by each town. Tourist tax must always be paid locally (at the camp site) It can vary from € 0,20 per day for children and € 1,00 per day for adults. These amounts change frequently, so the rates where shown, are for information only.


Travel documents

Your travel documents will be sent to you after we receive your full payment. The voucher is the most important. You will need to present this on arrival at the camp site. Should you arrive with more people, or more cars than shown on the voucher, the camp site has the right to charge you extra.

The camp site’s address information is mentioned on the voucher.


Value for money holidays in the low season

Most camp sites open at Easter and close in the autumn. Even so, amenities such as swimming pools, entertainment programmes, shops and restaurants may have restricted opening times in the low seasons. The main advantage of low season holidays is the very attractive prices. This makes special offers even more special. You don’t have to go on holiday in the high season? Then you really should take your holiday in spring. The countryside is at its most beautiful, and both roads and camp sites are quiet. On top of that, you’ll get a discount of anything up to 60% !

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